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Coco Urhausen Martinez: Coco Cárdenas

The Jewelry Mold Making Process

Website: Coco Cárdenas

Drawing from classical Mexican floral designs and costume jewelry, the Coco Cárdenas line is highly influenced by American subcultures and street wear as well. Inspired by her family’s heritage of versatile Mexican Circus performers including: equestrians, acrobats, jugglers, and tightrope walkers, Coco skillfully combines and expresses their essence of adventure and discipline with her vast appreciation and knowledge of modern designs and fashion. As a result, she successfully merges costume jewelry esthetics with classical and modern eras by using contemporary mediums and techniques.

Every piece is designed and handcrafted by the artist. Coco produces a mold for each of her designs. The molds and castings are made from silicone rubbers and urethane plastics, giving the artist flexible, careful control of each piece. The original designs are made from wood and wax carvings, or by the manipulation of previously assembled pieces. All earrings are hung from either sterling silver or gold-plated posts. Select designs are adorned with plastic or brass chains. Each design is given a title referencing its inspiration.

Coco Urhausen Martinez was born into a Mexican-American family in the Pacific Northwest. She resided in-and-out of Mexico throughout her childhood and adult life before moving to New York in 2005 where she began her close working relationship with Heatherette.

Her college education and experience as a florist, back-up dancer, costume designer, production assistant and seamstress is prevalent in her craft. Much of her esthetic draws from eclectic classical costume jewelry, specifically from her ancestors’ long career in the Mexican Circus. Her grandmother, Auflelia Cárdenas, who’s crippling tightrope accident ended her career as a circus performer, designed and created costumes for the Mexican Circus thus passing on her craft to her grand daughter, Coco.