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Phil Fell: Educator The Citizen Artist

The Citizen-Artist

Phil will share some of his hard earned truths and discuss their application to the practicing artist and the practical world. In recent years, America's institutions of higher education have focused more on producing employees than producing citizens.  This shift from more traditional curriculae has produced a condition in which a large section of the population passively accepts easily disprovable manipulations of political "truths", and outright fabrications are believed to be cold hard facts.

During over twenty years as a government lobbyist, Phillip Fell became fascinated with the exercise of government power over its citizens. As a historian by education, he observed this use of power and frequently contemplated whether it’s exercise in 20th Century America paralleled its exercise throughout history. Now an adjunct instructor at the Art Institute of Portland, his somewhat irreverent meditations have tilted toward artists and their relationship with governing powers. Although he hasn’t yet formulated a Grand Unified Theory, he has discovered some truths. Preeminent among them is Mark Twain’s observation that “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes”.

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