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Michael Felix: Effalo

EFFALO: Think Hyperglobally, Act Microlocally

website: Effalo

Michael will lead an informal show-and-tell of his work at EFFALO, ranging from Velosynth - a kickstarter-funded bicycle interaction synthesizer, to MAKERFACTORY - a craigslist-style distributed manufacturing service. He'll have several hands-on prototypes to share, including a geodesic dome built from 3dprinted connectors and a brief music performance using mlrv, a software sampling instrument he designed in collaboration with /parallelogram/. The talk will conclude with some thoughts on process, a review of stimulating books to read, and some good ole' Q and A.

Michael Felix is a design scientist concerned with the subtle interactions that occur between humans, nature, and technology. His interests lie more within the development of adaptive systems over pre-visualized concepts designed for aesthetics alone. This focus has grown from his attraction toward emergent processes - specifically the study of ecological systems and their effectiveness in gradually unfolding order and function. Through his work, he seeks to apply a similar living process towards the deployment of expressive frameworks that evolve form and behavior as a result of local context. 

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