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Katy Meegan: Keegan Meegan & Co.

Letterpress Printing and the Artist Book

website: KeeganMeegan & Co.

Katy will discuss a brief history of letterpress printing and movable type and how it is evolving in its contemporary applications. She will show and discuss examples of the kind of book art that is made in the Em Space Studios. Everyone will have a hands-on experience printing their very own piece of print ephemera on table top platen press or poster press. 

Katy Meegan is a letterpress printer, bookbinder, teacher and artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. She got her start in the field of book and paper arts at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts in Minneapolis and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Arts Management, Studio Arts and Gender Studies. She teaches workshops regularly at both Em Space Book Arts Center and the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC). She is the co-owner of Keeganmeegan & Co.and a member/co-founder of Em Space Book Arts Center.

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