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Stefan Andren: Krown Lab

Krown Lab: A Happy Accident

Website: Krown Lab 

Krown Lab has evolved From a self serving product idea, to a thriving business driven by design with a strong emphasis on local sourcing. An insight into how a small Portland based company found a niche in a growing market and how products are taken from initial idea to market introduction.

Stefan Andrén is a multidisciplinary designer with significant global experience having worked with some of the largest companies and brands in the world. His work has received international recognition, and has been featured in numerous publications including Business Week, ID Magazine, Wired, Dwell Magazine, Design Interior, and FORM. Stefan’s work has been awarded multiple IDEA, ID Magazine, and Red Dot design awards.

Krown Lab is a Portland, Oregon based company creating and manufacturing timeless products for commercial and residential spaces. Our deliberate and thorough creative process results in elegant solutions with an iconic functionality.

Local sourcing. In an increasingly digital and virtual world where products can be created remotely, we prefer to have a strong physical connection to the products we make throughout the creative process. Sourcing products within the region supports the local economy, forges close-knit working relationships with outside partners, and provides a strong foundation for our business.

Creating icons. We invest heavily in design and innovation. We are interested in the long term, in timeless and simplicity, and in getting it right the first time. A strive for simplicity, and a belief that less really is more is at the core of every Krown Lab creation. All our products have been distilled to their essence, with every detail of every part justified. The products we create are held to the highest quality standards - our own. We ultimately believe in only making products that we are proud to own and use ourselves.

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