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Mark Keppinger: Theremin Maker

Theremin Maker



The Theremin was born when Lev Sergeyevich Termen (Léon Theremin) a 
Russian scientist, was working  with radio sets in the 1920's and noticed they would squeal and 
howl when placed close to each other. He was determined to develop an instrument that 
would allow the player to control both the pitch and volume. Hence the Theremin was born. 

After vanishing into obscurity a few years later, the Theremin enjoyed 
a rebirth of popularity first by sci-fi movies that needed "scary sounds",  and later 
by musicians of the 60's. Contemporary musicians using Theremins include Led Zeppelin, 
Hawkwind, and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, whose Theremin I  custom built for them.

Come see where Theremins are in 2011! Demonstrations provided, and 
questions gladly answered.

Mark Keppinger manufactures high quality tube  theremins in Portland, 
OR. He has recently developed circuit boards for a new Theremin design that will be sent out 
to 14 Theremin techno-enthusiasts around the world. They will be building them up and 
sharing their experiences: what worked and didn't work, similarities, etc. - a Theremin 
experiment gone wild.

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