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Rob Roy: Butcher and Charcutier for Nostrana

Whole Hog Butchery - Utilizing and Enjoying Everything from Nose to Tail

Website: Nostrana

Rob Roy is the Butcher and Charcutier at Nostrana Restaurant in Portland Oregon. From the trotters to the cheeks he respects every part of the animal while transforming them into delicious edibles. Rob has been working at Nostrana for over four years developing relationships with local farmers and dedicating his work to utilizing their whole animals.

Rob will be butchering a hog and discussing why it is beneficial for the farmer and the consumer to buy and use the whole animal from nose to tail. You will learn where different cuts of pork come from, how to break them down, and how to prepare them for the table. What part of the hog needs to be eaten first, what should be brined, cured, frozen, made into sausage? He will talk about curing ham, pancetta, guanciale, lardo, making of delicious charcuterie, and more on food preservation. Rob will inform you on the benefits of lard and bone stock and the many ways to cook up a pig head. He will hand out recipes so you can have a breakdown party yourself, then feed your family for months. Come learn how all the parts fit together and how to be responsible with the whole thing.

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