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Ben Falcon: Cielo by Chris King

Painting a Bicycle Frame Set: A Technical Process

Website: Ben Falcon Designs

My presentation will detail the technical process involved in prepping, masking, coloring, clearing, and polishing steel, titanium and carbon fiber bicycle frames (primarily focusing on steel.) Beginning with a raw frame, I will chronicle the necessary surface work, masking, sandblasting, and cleaning required to prepare the frame for primer. While discussing the process of primer application I will detail the subtleties of spraying with an HVLP spray gun, and how this differs for each subsequent coat. The process of mixing each component will also be discussed. On the topic of spraying the various colors after priming, a demonstration of vinyl masking for decals and other visual details on the frame will be included. Clear coat application (typically the most demanding step in the process,) precludes the final buffing and polishing of a frame prior to shipping. Physical samples and interactive examples will be provided when possible.

For the past four years Ben Falcon has painted custom steel, titanium, and carbon fiber bicycle frames. Driven by a passion for aesthetic and technical endeavors, he has employed various applications as a means to express an innate sense of composition and graphic design. Through an array of media including industrial painting applications, printmaking, custom jewelry, and architectural design, he strives toward beauty in both object and composition. Through an extensive and diverse training complemented by professional experience in the arts and its technical applications, he continues to develop a unique style and approach to the creative process.

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