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Brian Mitchell: Delta Chop Shop

One At a Time, One of a Kind

Website: Delta Chop Shop

Motorcycles have always been in my blood, particularly Harley Davidsons. The passion and interest was passed down from my grandfather to me at an early age and I bought my first Harley at the age of nineteen. Shortly after I purchasing that bike I developed a strong desire to learn how to customize and work on it. This led me to attend a HD technical school focused on early model, late model, and engine performance. After school I briefly worked as a technician at a local Harley dealer.

It didn't take long for me to find that the technician job was unfulfilling. Buying equipment and tools, I started building my own bikes and customizing bikes for our customers. After several years of working out of the garage I decided to take it to the next level and open my own shop. Delta Chop Shop is named after the Mississippi Delta, where I was born. Our philosophy is simple, One at A Time, One of A Kind. I'm not interested in selling a bunch of mass produced parts or cookie cutter bikes. I look at every project as an opportunity to create a one off piece of art.

The talk will provide a detailed description of all the work that gets put into a bike at DCS. To demonstrate my work, I'll bring in a Delta Chop Shop bike that was built from the ground up. At Delta Chop Shop we use only American made parts and if we can't find a part we'll make it. No part of the bike build process is outsourced and I will discuss how we choose materials and the processes and challenges associated with assembling all the small pieces that at the end become a finished product. DCS prides itself on creating unique pieces of art out of metal, rubber and leather. No two bikes are ever the same.

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