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Jami Curl: Quin

Candy is Magic

Website: Quin

Our conversation will focus on the creation of candy recipes - Not only the science of cooking sugar, but also the creative process behind the evolution of a candy recipe. Many tiny details go into the recipe writing process - some start with a memory of some childhood obsession, others begin with one perfect ingredient and then some arrive in the minutes between wake and sleep...almost like magic.

The emotional connection to candy - or to the feeling of candy - is key to recipe development. At the same time, sugar, time and temperature are key to recipe development. How these two worlds come together...that's the magic of candy.

Jami Curl is the Owner and Chief Candy Maker at Portland’s artisan candy shoppe Quin. She brings to the shop a passion for sweets, truly believing that everything is better when hand-made instead of machine made. Hoping to build a sense of community around the store, she uses the best of Portland’s local ingredients in her products. Never too far away from food or cooking, her father taught her to sear tuna and make ceviche at a young age. Her childhood memories almost always include food in some way or another, making it difficult for her to pinpoint the moment she fell in love with food. With a passion for food and a strong work ethic, Jami began her career in the food industry at 12 years old when she began scooping ice cream at the Geneva Dairy D’Lite and found her way back to food after college, eventually moving to Portland and opening Saint Cupcake in 2005. When she is not making candy and coming up with new flavors, she likes to cook at home, dream of the summer camp she intends to open and spend time with her son Theo.