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Arnon Kartmazov: Bridgetown Forge

The Hand-Forged Knife: The Japanese Perspective

Website: Bridgetown Forge

Arnon Kartmazov will begin with an outline on blacksmithing, traditionally and in its applications and processes modern world. Using modeling clay, Arnon will demonstrate the ancient yet still totally relevant techniques that in spite of their simplicity, allow the creation of countless forms. Following that, Arnon will give a general outline of what it means to forge a quality knife, and explain the Japanese approach to creating high-performance, hand-made cutlery. The talk will conclude with q&a, and some hands-on time with some of the samples of forgework he will bring with him.

Bridgetown Forge was founded by Arnon Kartmazov after many years of practicing his craft. He served his first apprenticeship with the last working blacksmith in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1985. He then spent 12 years in Japan, where he was apprenticed to a knife-maker, then a sword-maker, and then opened and operated his own shop in the hills of Northern Kyoto, specializing in both hand-forged chef’s knifes, and also architectural pieces designed to blend with both traditional and modern Japanese architecture. He also trained with many smiths both in Japan and in other countries; chief among his teachers is Uri Hofi of Israel, an internationally known master smith.

Later Event: February 19
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