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Judy Langlitz Hansen + Dave Hansen: Langlitz Leathers

The World's Finest Motorcycle Leathers

Ross Langlitz was an ardent motorcyclist who in 1947 decided to open his own leather garment shop that focused on high quality custom motorcycle gear. Ross was relatively successful in the early years, and in a couple decades the shop was running smoothly and ready for the Golden Age of Motorcycling of the 1970s. Ross retired in the mid 1980s, but left the shop in the hands of his daughter (Jackie) and son-in-law (Dave). For the past 3 decades they have endeavored to run Langlitz Leathers as Ross intended....not too big as to get out of hand, and not so small that it would have major problems sustaining itself. Ross' goal of producing The World's Finest Motorcycle Leathers has been reached, and his reputation has traveled around the world as the ultimate in motorcycle gear.

Though this small company was founded in Portland, and remains located in the same place it has for over 4 decades, it is well known around the world. Many of their customers are in Asia, and Europe, as well as here in America....but its heart is here on 25th and Division Street. It is not a fancy facility, as one can immediately see once they enter the shop. Its primary focus is building top quality leathers and offering first class service to those who come great distances for its leathers. Interestingly, a customer can stand in one place and order a custom set of leathers. He can also be measured, see where his leathers will be cut and the area where they will be sewn....all without moving from that spot!

Furthermore, the shop found that good customer care is far better than advertising. In this day of modern conveniences, they do not even have a telephone menu....each phone call is answered by a real person capable of helping the customer. Now that the second generation is retiring, the third generation (Judy) is continuing the family tradition. In short, Langlitz Leathers represents the way business used to be done in America, and they continue doing likewise today.

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