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Mike Merrill: 7/09/13

Contractual Romance: Developing a crowdsourced decision-making engine for romantic management.


Mike Merrill is the world's only publicly traded person. He sells shares in himself and then asks his shareholders to guide his life decisions. They choose who he dates, where he works, and what political party to join. So far it's working out rather well.

Mike Merrill spent a year being single. He was not sure what he wanted in a romantic partner. And then he remembered, as a publicly traded person, it didn't matter what he wanted. This was a shareholder decision!

Kenneth Michael Merrill (also known as Mr. Mike Merrill, Mikey, or KmikeyM) is a publicly traded person and businessman in Portland, Ore. He is a co-owner of Manila Mac, and the owner of K5 Media LLC. He manages Urban Honking, where he has a blog, is the Editor-In-Chief of Portland Sportsman, and is a highly esteemed member of The YACHT Trust. He runs a co-operative Research Lab, co-hosts the Bright Future of Tobacco podcast, produces TV with Team Video, is a founding member of Whiskey Friends, and is currently working on some exciting new developments.