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Amanda Wall-Graf: Heno

The Power of The Hustle: Passion, Community and Creativity in a Town Where You’re a Dime a Dozen

Website: Heno

Portland’s a vibrant town, full-to-bursting with designers, creative-types, the self-employed, makers and shakers of every stripe. That environment is both a boon and a pain for entrepreneurs trying to make it work in fields that are challenging at the best of times. In this talk, Amanda explores the struggles, strategies and opportunities for fulfillment that she’s discovered in her own pursuit of success and achievement as a furniture designer and maker. This is not a "how to get rich talk." It’s a time for us all to ask ourselves the questions: How do we, the creative and self-employed, succeed? How do we build and maintain a vibrant and exciting practice? How do we seize the hustle?

As Michael Pollan has said, the experience of interacting with our built environment is a "tangle of mental and physical, cultural and biological" factors and responses.” That rich and diverse complication has fueled Amanda Wall-Graf's passion for furniture design through a decade of professional making.

Over the years she has developed a making philosophy that includes commitment to quality, sustainable sourcing and a pairing of simple forms and warm materials, united through good design and considered detailing.

Amanda owns and operates the new online retail store HENO, specializing in fine goods that provide simple and beautiful organizational solutions. She also designs and makes custom fine furniture in SouthEast Portland and teaches furniture/woodworking classes at Oregon College of Art and Craft. Visit to see more of Amanda’s work.

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