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Severin Villiger: Mister Choke

New Technology vs. Old Technology - Recreating Masterpieces of Architecture and Engineering with 3D Technology

Website: Mister Choke

With the help of new computer and software tools, the possibilities exist to re-create and animate old masterpieces from engineers and architects.

New technologies allows us to explore old monuments of engineering and bring them alive again. One of the most fascinating projects I've created is an animation of the old train station of my hometown that burned down before I was even born. Many articles refer to this building as the 8th world wonder. Now this was quite the trip to explore the building on the screen.

Severin Villiger was born and raised in Switzerland. His background is in Mechanical Engineering [tool and machine design]. Severin was able to get a company transfer to Portland in 1997. After 15 years doing engineering work, an old and long passion guided him into the Architectural and Interior Architectural world.

After one class doing 3D computer modeling, Severin never left working in this field. He currently teaches Design Visualization, 3D software for Architectural Design and Interior Design classes, and some Graphic Design classes at AI, PCC and MU.