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Charles Boardman

The Tube Within a Tube: A Modest, Personalized History of our Various Efforts, as a Species, to Look Inside Each Other's Guts.

Website: Oregon Health Sciences University

Charles will discuss the history of endoscopy - literally, looking inside the body with different eye-extending tools - as well as describing the contemporary landscape of endoscopy around the world - what is done, why it is done, where it is done, how often it is done, and what dreamy, cloud-headed endoscopists say we will do in the future. This talk will be fanciful, technical, and scientific. It will also be personal; Charles will speak frankly and minutely about what it is like to spend your days rooting around in other people's guts, what it is like to traverse a mile or so of high-definition intestines every year for your job (it is cool! And strange!)

Dr. Charles Boardman is a gastrointestinal endoscopist, medical decision-analysis scholar, father of children, and untrained male dancer. He has written several different types of writings: science writings, poems, fictions, and, many years ago, a report on police brutality toward young nomads for Street Roots. He serves as assistant preparator and co-thinker for his wife Taryn Tomasello's arts project The Object Permanence Project. His old red Schwinn Traveler sings in the Portland Bike Ensemble, once or twice a season. He also enjoys e-stuff, such as looking at web sites, and clicking his mouse. He puts his face in the wind.

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