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Nial McGaughey: Hovercraft Amplifiers

Strummable Braingasms: Using Limitations, Leftovers and Lemons to Create the World's Loudest Artwork.

Website: Hovercraft Amplifiers

Nial will talk about the roots of his interest in, and process of, creating bespoke tube amplifiers from castoff and surplus materials. When designing and building a custom amp for someone, Nial builds a profile on them and the sound they are after to create a one off amp tailored just to them. Through out the talk he will touch on topics like holistic design, knowing when a project is "done", the analogies of cooking food in coming up with new things, taking more than one route to get to a destination, creating a deeply satisfying multisensory experience, the beauty and history of dead technologies, specifically why tube amps sound "good" to our ears and how his amps are a bit of omakase and bricolage.

Nial McGaughey is a Designer, Engineer, and Founder of several Musical Instrument manufacturing companies. He spent over 2 decades breaking things in the video game and software industry with a 'secret other life' playing in bands around the world.

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