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Kelley Roy: Author and founder of ADX and Portland Made

The Power of Portland Made


In 2015, after 5 years of running ADX, Portland's Makerspace, I decided to write a book about Portland's Maker Movement. Why? Because these people, their businesses, their products and the movement itself inspires me. What is the Maker Movement, you ask? It is the legions of artisans and craftspeople and entrepreneurs and doers who are reinventing and reshaping artisanal manufacturing one handmade product at a time. It is the people who are starting businesses, developing products, honing their skills and offering support and sharing tools and knowledge with each other. 

Portland Made is a collective started in 2012 by Kelley Roy, Owner/Founder of ADX, Portland’s Makerspace. Roy recognized a need for a support system for the small businesses that were part of the rapidly growing Maker Movement. She believed a platform that extended beyond the walls of ADX was needed to bring different creative industries together under a single brand - one that represented the unique qualities and values of Portland-made products: Handcrafted, small batch, sustainably-minded; companies that embraced values of taking care of their workforce and thinking about their impact on the environment.  

Kelley is the Founder and Owner of ADX and Portland Made, and has been working for the past 5 years to grow Portland’s Maker Movement. She consults with the people from around the world to create Makerspaces, like ADX, in their communities. Kelley has become a globally recognized leader in the Maker Movement and is helping to put Portland Makers on the international map. She co-authored Cartopia: Portland’s Food Cart Revolution in 2010, has a graduate degree in Urban Planning and an undergraduate degree in Geological Sciences. Kelley’s passion is helping creatives hone their skills, start their own businesses, and make a living doing what they love.