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Nahanni Arntzen: Nahanni Reforestation

Nahanni Reforestation

Website: Nahanni Reforestation

Tree planting got it's start in the 1960's after logging practices in British Columbia were leaving large swaths of bare earth that had little to no regeneration. The duty was first delegated to the loggers wives, to go in and replant the seedlings where the clearcuts had taken place. After this proved insufficient, forestry companies started offering up reforesting contracts and in the 70's groups of young hippies took those contracts and started treeplanting.They hauled in all supplies needed to sustain weeks and months at a time, setting up primitive camping sites on location of the planting.

I was born in a teepee on a sandbar 11 miles up the Kingcome river on the west coast of British Columbia. It was the first tree planting contract my parents were hired for, they were 19 and 20 years old at the time. My dad, Daniel James, delivered me into his dirty hands and my mother, Jenny, was back planting within a few days. Those were the days...

A few years ago I was looking for a photographs of myself as a child to show my young daughter. I asked my dad if he had any, to which he answered by dropping off a large bag full of trays and trays of slides that he shot while during his tree planting contractor days in the 70's and 80's. Most of my time spent in camps were warm fuzzy memories of dogs, riding in the back of trucks, sleeping in tree boxes, stealing mouthfuls of icing while the cooks weren't looking, late night fires and early morning rain. When I scanned the slides, it was apparent that my dad had a full documentation of life in his camps. Over the last year I have been sorting through his slides and posting them on Instagram @nahannireforestation.

Nahanni Arntzen is a mother and designer, originally from Vancouver, B.C. now living in Portland OR with her family.

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