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Sarah Mirk: Journalist, Author, and Feminist Podcast Host

The Joy of Zines


We live our lives online, which means the pleasure of print is even more profound. In this talk, I'll discuss the specialness of small-press comics and personal zines and how exciting it is that it's easier now than ever to publish your own work. I'll bring a couple of my zine projects, including the Oregon History Comics, an X-Files fanzine, and a brand-new comic made in honor of my 30th birthday, "Drink More Water, Be More Honest: 30 Lessons from my 20s." For the last half of this event, we'll sharpen our pencils and quickly make our own collaborative zine--publishing it in a flash so everyone can take home their own copy.

Sarah Mirk is a multimedia journalist focused on gender, history, and politics. As the online editor of feminism and pop culture nonprofit Bitch Media, she hosts the popular podcast Popaganda. She is also the author of the open-minded relationship guidebook, Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules and the creator of numerous nonfiction mini comics