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Ethan Siegel: Astrophysicist and Author

Beyond the Galaxy: How Humanity Looked Beyond our Milky Way and Discovered the Entire Universe


Just 100 years ago, we thought that everything that existed in the night sky -- all the stars, nebulae, clusters and more -- was contained within the Milky Way. A few scientists, however, thought that the Universe might be much larger than that, and that some of the weirder objects, like the grand spirals, might be entire "island Universes" of their own. This is the story of how we figured it out, and what we discovered about what lies beyond in the great cosmic abyss of deep space.

Ethan is a big fan of short biographies. He's also a fan of writing long, glorious, illustrated articles that tell what we know about the Universe and how we know it. He's been writing the blog Starts With A Bang since 2008, currently at Forbes. If you're into astronomy, he writes a monthly column for NASA's The Space Place that appears in over 200 astronomy club newsletters worldwide. His very first book, "Beyond the Galaxy," is available from World Scientific, and if you buy it here, he'll autograph it for you for sure. If you ever wanted to know the entire story of what the Universe is made of, how big it is, where it came from and what it's fate is, told in plain english with no equations, you'll definitely want to get yourself a copy.

When he's not writing, Ethan can be found appearing on TV and radio spots, teaching at Lewis & Clark college, creating podcasts and in general sharing what we know about the Universe with anyone willing to listen. His beard and mustache follow him wherever he goes, and he's ecstatic to return to such a wonderful group of people here at Curiosity Club.

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