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Amy Dragon and Dave Mendoza: Cascade Record Pressing

Getting Your Groove On: Considerations for Optimizing Your Vinyl Release


Cascade Record pressing is the first large production automated record pressing plant in the Pacific Northwest. It’s only predecessor was the turn of the century small batch hand press vinyl plant; Morrison Records of Seattle WA.

Cascade Record Pressing’s mission is producing high quality records for discerning artist and labels. We are committed to working with our customers to actualize their vinyl visions while being 100% dedicated to quality sounding records that will stand the test of time and use. We can consult and guide you towards having a beautiful finished record that will sound great for years to come.

Amy hails from a formative gypsy-esque childhood residing and traveling all over the US until landing in the Pacific NW in 2008.  Amy has been stalking all things music for as long as she can recall and landed an audio engineering apprenticeship at Telegraph mastering in 2013.  This apprenticeship has lead to work with audio reissues, restoration, transfers and in 2015 vinyl mastering. Amy joined the team at Cascade Record Pressing in February 2015 just before the company's grand opening in May of 2015.    

Photo by  Chloe Collyer    
Photo by  Chloe Collyer    
Photo by  Chloe Collyer