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Katherine Hill: Director, Portland Hearing Voices

Voices and Visions


Research consistently show us that extra sensory phenomenon such as hearing voices, seeing visions and feeling unexplained tactile sensations is a common human experience. Despite this fact, westerners often feel that is is a rare and and sometimes dangerous experience. Where do these experiences come from and what do they mean to people? Is there spiritual significance to them? How do our belief systems impact both these experiences and our perception of those who have them? In this talk Kate will address these questions as well as talk about the Hearing Voices Movement, a growing body of people who work to empower the people who have these experiences.

Kate Hill is the Director of Portland Hearing Voices, Vice Chair of the Hearing Voices USA Board of Directors and consultant for the National Empowerment Center. She and her collegues hold regular trainings in the Hearing Voices Philosophy as well as how to facilitate social groups for people who have extreme experiences, where they can safely explore them. She has been doing this work for six years.