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Jack Harris: Proprietor/Brewer Fort George Brewery

  • Hand-Eye Supply 427 Northwest Broadway Portland, OR, 97209 United States (map)

A Secret History of Beer

WEBSITE: Fort George Brewery

We are nearing the 40th year of the Craft Beer Revolution and many drinking beer today have never known a world without a great variety of excellent beer. Like human-kind on the geologic time scale however, Craft beer is a barely registered blip in the 10,000 years people have been making and enjoying beer. This talk will start in the dim reaches of breweries past and wind its' way through Sumatran cuneiforms, medieval monasteries, industrial revolutions, corporate consolidation and to our present state of beervana while hopefully leaving room for a peek into what the future holds for a maturing beer revolution.

Jack Harris has been brewing professionally since he worked at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in Hillsboro for McMenamins in 1990. Since then he has run breweries in Lincoln City, Boulder, Redmond (Oregon), Cannon Beach and now owns and operates the Fort George Brewery in Astoria. He currently lives in beautiful Astoria with his wife, son, two dogs, a cat and a Leopard Gecko.